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The website healthinsurances.bg compares a wide selection of travel and expatriate insurance. Consultus.bg has been working with the world’s largest insurers for more than 15 years to offer you the most suitable international health insurance for your needs. Learn more about thehistory of Mondassur and the development of expat and repatriation travel insurance.

Medical insurance Varna

These insurances are intended for expatriates, international students, professionals, tourists and anyone who is mobile internationally.

medical insurance for foreigners in bulgaria

Our insurance is designed for anyone travelling abroad or residing outside their country of origin, whether it is for studies, internships, a stay abroad of 6 months, 1 year or several years.


fFiliz Radjebova

Our business began in 2001 with the development of specific insurance plans for the Bulgaria for expatriates, students, professionals and travelers. The Bulgaria is one of the most insurance-demanding countries due to the high cost of medical costs and the lack of a public health insurance system.

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