I am living abroad

Are you going to live abroad or are you already living there? To choose an expatriate insurance, the criteria are multiple: 100% private or complementary insurance, duration of coverage, acceptance of membership and medical record, operation of health care reimbursements, geographical area, rates and guarantees: coverage of hospitalization, current medicine, maternity, dental and optical care, prevention and well-being guarantees. There are many insurances. The rate depends very much on the conditions of application of the insurance. Here are our recommendations:


Taking out 100% private expatriate insurance

Taking out 100% private expatriate insurance
Most expatriate insurance policies are 100% private. You pay contributions to an insurer who reimburses your health expenses alone. This is done without any reimbursement from another organisation. This type of expatriate insurance is also called “insurance to the 1st euro” as opposed to an insurance complementary to a local or public insurance scheme.

Or choose insurance to complement a first plan
You can also choose insurance to complement a first health plan. This first plan may be your original health insurance (e.g. social security in France) or the local health plan to which you are sometimes obliged to subscribe.
For French people abroad, there is also the Caisse des Français à l’étranger: you must pay voluntary contributions and you can take out additional insurance with the CFE. This is known as complementary insurance to the CFE.

Being insured for an unlimited period or for a limited period
You take out expatriate insurance from a specific date and there is often no end date. You do not know when your expatriation will end. The big advantage is that you remain insured as long as you pay the premiums, regardless of changes in your situation and your health. This is maximum security for an expatriate.
For some insurances, you must indicate a start and end date of your stay. This is known as travel insurance. You often have the possibility to renew but the insurer may refuse to renew if there is an end date.



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